To motivate and encourage a tribe of people that strive to live their healthiest life and make fitness their best part.

Our Mission:

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About the Program

The CrossFit program is designed by the baseline being the crossfit brand. However at SSF we really focus on the ideal customer and what they need. We pur extreme emphasis on the proper technique of coaching and not so much on the competattiveness side of things. We have the best team of coaches that Bruce County has to offer with speciality coaches in weightlifting, gymnastics and body transformations.

Benefits of Program

  • Weightloss
  • Community of friends
  • Learn new techniques like the clean and jerk, and snatch PROPERLY
  • We run a barbell class that is programmed by a national-level weightlifter from Adamentum weightlifting
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  • 3 Private Training Sessions at $65/session ($195 + tax)

Cross Training On Ramp

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Cross Training Membership

  • 8 Classes/Month
    $54.99 Bi-weekly
  • 12 Classes/Month
    $64.99 Bi-weekly
    $69.99 Bi-weekly
  • 3 Month Pay in Full
    $357 + tax
  • 6 Month Pay in Full
    $672 + tax
  • Per Class
  • Week Pass
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Why to Join the Program?

If you are looking for a place NON JUDGEMENTAL and a HIGH EMPHASIZE on teaching. Saugeen Shores CrossFit is for you. We pride ourselves on being the number one facility in Grey Bruce for a high level of coaching. We ensure every class that you get attention from the coach or coaches.

Weight loss, nothing helps with weight loss quite like CrossFit. Its use of dynamic movements that convery to the functionality of everyday life are quite amazing.

We DO NOT force you, ask you or even promote you to lift more than YOU are capable off. We know that everyone is different and we are here to help you achieve your goals. If you can’t run 400 metres. No problem. Lets start with 20metres. We are here to help coach you until you can fulfill all your goals.

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  • +1519 386 1348
  • 1223 Mackenzie Road, Port Elgin Ontario
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