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Gym Rules

We are fairly easy-going at Saugeen Shores Fitness. We are busy, you are busy, everyone’s lives are busy. But we do have a few gym rules that we try to administer for everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us below, or ask a coach.

1. Be on Time

No, we won’t lock you out if you are late… But, we do have a lot to cover in each class to utilize our time with everyone. So do your best to be there a few minutes early if possible. However, if you show up a bit late, please just jump into the class and mimic what is happening, and the coach will accommodate.

2. Check your Ego

You may do well in some workouts, and you may do poor in others. Who cares. The coaches may increase what you’re lifting, or they may decrease what you’re lifting. The coaches are there to help you improve, now and for the future. 

3. Introduce Yourself

If you don’t recognize someone… introduce yourself. Maybe it’s their first day, and they are nervous. A friendly introduction goes a long way!

4. Wait until everyone has finished

Please don’t start breaking down your equipment until everyone has finished the workout. Please use that time to just relax and catch your breath, or cheer on the others, or grab a foam roller and do some stretches. 

5. Children at the shop

We love children at the gym for many reasons… but, we don’t want any children to get hurt. Please no children in any workout areas. If you are unsure, please ask the coach.

6. Clean up after yourself

We don’t encourage people to push themselves so much that their hands rip, and they bleed down their wrists. But it happens. Please clean off your barbells or pull up bars.

7. Dropping barbells

Barbells are expensive. They can be damaged if dropped. Barbells loaded with bumper plates are the only ones that can be dropped. Bare barbells and metal plates must be placed gently on the floor. 

However, it is quite okay to drop a bar for any health or safety concern.