Constant Variation. Functional Movements. High Intensity.


Saugeen Shores Fitness thrives to be a family community of athletes of all skill sets and experience levels. We love to see our community raise their quality of life through fitness, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle choices. Meet some friends, get moving, and feel great!

What We Offer

Saugeen Shore Fitness Personal Training

Personal Training

The Personal Training Program at Saugeen Shores Fitness gives you a variety of options. You are able to use our Topp24 location or Saugeen Shores Fitness location with your trainer to perform your program.

Saugeen Shore Fitness


The CrossFit program is designed by the baseline being the CrossFit brand. However, at SSF we really focus on the ideal customer and what they need. We put extreme emphasis on the proper technique of coaching.

Why Choose Us

Modern Equipment

All the equipment at Saugeen Shores Fitness is of the highest quality. From our rogue air bikes, Tydex barbells to RPM skipping ropes. We take great pride in our modern facility and high quality of equipment.

Professional Training

At Saugeen Shores Fitness all coaches are certified with a minimum Level 1 CrossFit certification. Most coaches are Level 2 and hold multiple speciality course training including how to spot flaws in technique, anatomy of an athlete, running properly, how to teach double under and of course, our favourite Olympic lifting.

Olympic Lifting

Saugeen Shores Fitness takes great pride in the high level of coaching Olympic lifting. The clean, clean and jerk and snatch barbell movements are our specialties. Our partnership with the local weightlifting club Adamentum weightlifting has really zeroed our focus on these lifts and how to coach them. For beginners, these Olympic lifts can be found hard to learn. We have developed a great onboarding program for the new member who just wants to get moving. 


Patricia Espinosa

Did a drop in at Saugeen Shores Fitness/Topp Performance today since I’m vacationing here for a week, and it was awesome and can’t wait to go back tomorrow AM! I did the 6am class with Coach Jesse Topp, and what an energetic, informative and genuine coach. Super helpful making sure you’re doing the movements correctly and safely and provided scaled options for those trickier skill movements. Very inviting environment as an out-of-towner and totally felt safe in regards to Covid measures that were in place. Definitely will be my go-to CrossFit box whenever we vacation here 🙌🏽👏🏽

Richard Harris

My son Lucas and I joined mid-Septemeber. My wife Melanie saw how much fun we were having and joined a few weeks later.

Flexible class schedule and great variety of workouts. Awesome coaches. The atmosphere with the other people working out is fun and challenging.

I'm terrible at staying motivated to go to the gym but here we are almost 3 months later and I've been consistent 3 times a week. They must be doing something right!

Looking forward to keeping this going.

Brad Harron

Saugeen Shores Fitness has excellent coaches and a great new facility, plus recently added more classes. They adjusted very well to Covid 19 by offering classes on zoom, then outdoors when it was permitted. Highly recommend